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We are Varidian, a Swiss band consisting of only two members - Simon and Jonathan.

Every instrument and note on each of our songs is played / sung solely by the two of us. The music we create depicts our thoughts, feelings, experiences and everything else that comes along with it. 

We would be honoured if you had a listen. It'll help us avoid the dreaded fate of actually finishing university. So that way, you'd be doing us a huge favor. Win-win, right?


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Guitar & Bass

Simon began his music journey at the age of 7 after arbitrarily picking up a toy guitar on his brothers' birthday. Even though not having been love at first sight, the guitar eventually became a way of expressing emotions otherwise suppressed. As of today, Simon has created his own style inspired by genres such as neo-soul, gospel and rock. 



Vocals, Piano, Keys & Drums

Since he was 3 years old, rhythm has always been Jonathan's passion. He turned everything from spatulas to sofas into drums. Since the age of 6 he has been learning drums and piano, winning numerous competitions and has been active in many different ensembles reaching from classical orchestras, over choirs to rock- and Jazz Bands.


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